Friday, July 1, 2016

Interview for Nath Cortinovis.


Your itinerary?: 
I believe that among all hobbies, the passion for ball-jointed dolls is the most unusual one. I don't know how it happens, in what way the hinged human replicas seize our minds, but many of the deepest emotional experiences are associated with these fragile and graceful creatures. Along with them we can discover our own magical world, immerse ourselves inside and perceive richness and eventfulness of this other imaginary life. They are more than just a set of parts strung with rubber bands, supplied with some accessories and some human-like features. A doll, and especially, a flexible doll, is a tiny being that can give a force impetus to deep subconscious energies, vitalizing of which may be perceived as a flash of inspiration, as surprising discovery of something pleasant and attractive.  And that's why someone who experienced a true aesthetic shock the first time he took a BJD in his hands will never be the same person again.

 How did you learn to make a bjd? What year did you start making BJDs?:
 I'm an artist, and collecting dolls is not enough for me; I need to make them. Since 2011 and for about three years, I was learning to become a BJD Artist by all possible means. The information mostly came from the internet or from numerous personal experiments. 

 How long does it take you to finish a doll?:
The process of creating a doll is, for the most part, laborious technical work. And the exact time spent on one doll is difficult to estimate. It's a long process that is often composed of parallel operations free of any strict time limits.

 What do you especially like in this creation?:
One of my favorite parts is modelling a new face, the first step towards meeting a completely new doll. I also like the very last step - a photo shoot of a finished doll in her outfit, when I can enjoy the final result of my work. 

What inspires you to create?: 
If you ever have experienced that magical shock when a doll is born in your hands, you'll want to go through it again and again. It's amazing how the new doll's personality is always a surprise - it seems like it's developing independently and she's making her own choices, regardless of my efforts!


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hi there!

Today I want to share photos of the dolls that I made the last few months!


Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday, December 20, 2015

I'm glad you could drop by!

I’m a fan of bjd, and I create the dolls. Sure, you’re here for you have a real passion for dolls like me!

Here I can show and tell about the "birth" of my dolls. Every time I try to put my heart into the “doll-child” and hope it is noticeable)))

How do I do it?