Sunday, December 20, 2015

I'm glad you could drop by!

I’m a fan of bjd, and I create the dolls. Sure, you’re here for you have a real passion for dolls like me!

Here I can show and tell about the "birth" of my dolls. Every time I try to put my heart into the “doll-child” and hope it is noticeable)))

How do I do it?

I’d sculpted the electronic model of a girl-doll through the use of 3D-redactor, and then worked out the details by changing of the proportions and of the structure of joints and slits, and making intermediates. This model has several heads; with the lapse of time the body will be improved and new heads will be created.

Printed out by 3D-printer this model not be used without 4 or 5 cycles of prime coating and painstaking and accurate abrading all the parts of the model with many kinds of sandpaper, for the purpose of receiving a perfectly smooth surface.

Then I take silicone casts of the model and pour all the parts of the model into received molds, using liquid plastic, components of which turn solid after mixing. This polyurethane is produced by Smooth-On,Inc.,USA. I predetermine the color of the plastic by use of Smooth-On coloring ingredients; I could describe it as light flesh-colour, with tints of pink.

Poured parts need subsequent mechanical processing; on top of that just before blushing and making-up every part is covered by a layer of acrylic lacquer.

Thighs, the body and the head of the doll are hollow, so total weight of the doll is slight enough - 250-280 gr.

And then the most interesting and pleasant stage begins – that’s blushing, make-up and assemblage. I use crayon, acrylic paints and lacquer.

Big joints pasting up with shammy.

The doll is assembled with spandex according to this scheme:

It should be noted that all the dolls have inserted glass eyes sticked with special sticky mass that looks like chewing-gum))) Wigs are made from goat’s or a llama’s wool fastened to a hard cap. Covers of the doll’s heads are attached with maghets.

Basic sizes:

Every doll has her own pretty and reliable packaging for storage and transportation and a certificate of authenticity with my signature.

I believe that any labour is worthy of respect and I wish you and myself good creativity, but I suppose it’s necessary to recall the existence of a law protecting the creative product.

I consider that my copyright is infringed if:

a copy of my doll or any its fragments will be made for sale or transfer to other parties;
any signs of plagiarism will be detected in anyone’s actions - the demonstration of my dolls under the anyone’s name as well as a demonstration of my dolls, my photos and their fragments without specifying the source of borrowing.

All previous and subsequent posts in Russian could be read in my journal here.


  1. They are beautiful... are you selling them? T.T I'd love to buy!

  2. Thank you!
    Please contact my agent Yulia ( is armed with all information on my dolls.

  3. You've created such lovely dolls. Each one is just a delight to see. Thank you for sharing the process of creation!

    1. Sincerely thank you for your interest in my work!


  4. Congratulations, your dolls are beautiful!

  5. WOW, those dolls are so beautiful! I appreciate artists who share their steps in making such beautiful pieces.

  6. Truly excellent craftsmanship! Thank you very much for sharing <3!